Establishment of a General Operating Support Program is consistent with the Kirkpatrick Family Fund’s commitment to strengthening the nonprofit sector in central Oklahoma. We believe that healthy nonprofit organizations share certain core strengths in their administrative, fundraising and program capacities. They may be in transition as they seek to improve in some areas, but all share a commitment to excellence in their programs and operations. When we use the term “General Operating Support” we mean the “working capital” nonprofits need to further their mission, often used by an organization to improve their administrative and fundraising capacity.


  1. Requests for general operations will be considered in the General Operating Support Category only, not in the Project Support category.
  2. Generally organizations must have received prior support from the Kirkpatrick Family Fund for multiple years to be eligible for General Operating Support.
  3. Eligibility assessment and post submission follow up will require interviews or conversations with staff members and members of the board of directors.
  4. Organizations are required to submit their General Operating Support request online. Please contact us at (405)767-3702 to request the online application Web address.


Due to the increased number of both applications and special initiatives, the Kirkpatrick Family Fund has decided to make changes to our grant deadlines effective January 1, 2012. General Operating Support Grants will be accepted on March 1 and September 1, or the first business day after the deadline. (Due to the weekend and Labor Day holiday the 2013 fall deadline will be September 3) Applications must be submitted by midnight the date of the deadline. NOTE: There is no longer a June 1 deadline.

All organizations interested in submitting a grant request are strongly encouraged to contact the Kirkpatrick Family Fund two to three months prior to the application deadline. This allows time to discuss the organizations goals, provide guidance and any needed technical assistance in developing the grant.


General Operating Support Grants from the Kirkpatrick Family Fund are by invitation only. Organizations granted in this category must still contact the Kirkpatrick Family Fund annually to receive the new grant application form.

For more information, please see FAQ and the How to Apply section of this website.


The application process for the General Operating Support Category provides a thorough review of an organization’s administrative, fundraising and programmatic status. The application form is extensive, a site visit is required, and board involvement in the process is mandatory. The Kirkpatrick Family Fund does not want to burden the organizations receiving General Operating Support with an equally demanding evaluation process. Consequently we ask grantees to complete a brief Executive Summary that includes highlights of the prior grant year. More information and guidelines for completing the Executive Year End Summary may be found here.