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About Us

The history of the Kirkpatrick Family Fund is closely aligned with the Kirkpatrick Foundation and the Oklahoma City Community Foundation. These philanthropies all benefit from the foresight and generosity of John E. and Eleanor B. Kirkpatrick; their daughter, Joan E. Kirkpatrick; and grandson, Christian Keesee. The Kirkpatrick family has established a legacy of giving that will continue to benefit future generations in central Oklahoma and the communities we support.

In 1989, the Kirkpatrick Family Fund was founded by John and Eleanor Kirkpatrick and quickly became the largest affiliated fund in the Oklahoma City Community Foundation. Through the leadership of trustee and president, Christian Keesee, the Kirkpatrick Family Fund remains committed to adhering to the priorities and guiding principles of its founders.

To date, the Kirkpatrick Family Fund has contributed $148.5 million through project, operating and endowment-building grants to qualified nonprofit organizations that work tirelessly to address the greatest needs in their communities.

Christian Keesee photo

Christian Keesee


George Drew photo

George Drew

Vice President

Nancy B. Anthony photo

Nancy B. Anthony


Elizabeth K. Eickman photo

Elizabeth K. Eickman


Leslie Hudson photo

Leslie Hudson


Ann Johnstone photo

Ann Johnstone


Polly Nichols photo

Polly Nichols


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James A. Pickel


George Records photo

George Records


Jane Sutter photo

Jane Sutter


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Louisa McCune


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David Harlow


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Rev. Dr. Robin Meyers


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Larry Keigwin


Elizabeth K. Eickman photo

Elizabeth K. Eickman


Liz Charles photo

Liz Charles

Senior Program Officer

Nancy Stearns photo

Nancy Stearns

Office Manager

Emma Newberry-Davis  photo

Emma Newberry-Davis

Programs Manager

Julia Witcher  photo

Julia Witcher

Grants Specialist

Lauren Schlepp photo

Lauren Schlepp

Archivist and Social Media Assistant

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