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Colorado Initiatives

The Kirkpatrick family has a history with the Pikes Peak area dating back to the late 19th century. Members of the family have been in continuous residence there since that time. The Kirkpatrick Family Fund honors this family legacy through a limited number of grants to support organizations and enhance the cultural offerings in the Colorado Springs area. Although the Kirkpatrick Family Fund has a presence in the Pikes Peak region of Colorado, grants to this geographic region are by invitation only.

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Historic Green Mountain Falls Foundation

The Historic Green Mountain Falls Foundation (HGMFF), a subsidiary of the Kirkpatrick Family Fund, is committed to the enhancement and preservation of the unique qualities of Green Mountain Falls and Chipita Park, Colorado. The purpose of the Foundation is to focus on historic preservation, open space, parks, trails and projects that are an integral part of this distinctive setting at the base of Pikes Peak.

The Foundation was formed in 2006 and is advised by a Board of Governors appointed by the Kirkpatrick Family Fund. It is the desire of the Board that the work of the Historic Green Mountain Falls Foundation will inspire others to participate in efforts to preserve and enhance Green Mountain Falls and the surrounding area.

Projects of the foundation include development of the private trail system on the H.B. Wallace Reserve and Mount Dewey in Green Mountain Falls, CO. With the support of the Green Mountain Falls Trails Committee, the trails on the Reserve have been linked to the Town and County’s public trail system. The HGMFF also transformed a dilapidated motel property into Mountain Road Corner, a green space which provides an attractive link between the communities of Green Mountain Falls and Chipita Park. Additional projects include the establishment of the H.B. Wallace Reserve, a new trail on Mount Dewey, the Green Box Workshop, and Lakeveiw Terrace, a historic inn that is slated for future renovation.

Through the grants program of the Kirkpatrick Family Fund, support has also been given to the restoration efforts of the Sallie Bush Community Building, a Lake Street Beautification Project, in addition to important maintenance projects to the park and town lake in Green Mountain Falls.

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Green Box Arts

The Green Box Arts Project is a 501 (c)3 nonprofit organization with a mission to enhance the cultural offerings in the Ute Pass Valley. Beginning with a dance residency program by New York’s KEIGWIN+ COMPANY under the leadership of company founder Larry Keigwin, interest in growing this concept took root. In 2009, the Green Box Arts Festival was officially launched to provide artists and visitors with an opportunity to nurture the creative process and explore new artistic directions in the natural beauty of Green Mountain Falls, Colorado. 

Since that time, the Green Box Arts Festival has expanded the experience, celebrating a variety of art forms that are both created and enjoyed during the nine-day festival. Each year, new works in dance, art installation, and musical performance and composition are invented and inspired, and a wide-range of activities, exhibits and classes for all ages are welcomed.

Partnerships with the Pikes Peak Library District, Town of Green Mountain Falls and Church in the Wildwood make the full range of activities possible.

For more information on the Green Box Arts Festival, click here.

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